The headset image does not update when I move.

This issue occurs when headset tracking has been lost. Depending on the tracking method you use, follow the instructions below to resume tracking.


SteamVR™ Tracking

You can confirm the tracking status of your base stations in the status area in Varjo Base.

To resume tracking, try slowly waving the headset towards the base stations. Be sure not to cover the SteamVR™ tracking elements behind the front plate and on both sides of the headset with your hands.

Also make sure that the base stations are pointing towards the headset in all positions, also when you move around in the room. The minimum recommended distance between the base stations and the headset is 1.5 meters (5 ft). Reflective surfaces may also interfere with tracking. If possible, cover all reflective surfaces in the base stations’ field of view.

Read more about how to prepare your environment for use with the headset.


Varjo inside-out tracking (Beta)

We recommend that you recalibrate Varjo inside-out tracking (Beta) to solve this issue.

Make sure that your room has enough detectable features for the tracking system to follow. Read more about how to prepare your environment and how to use a Varjo reference marker to improve tracking accuracy.

To recalibrate Varjo inside-out tracking (Beta), navigate to the System tab in Varjo Base and start Varjo inside-out tracking (Beta) calibration.


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