The image in my headset displays has non-uniform colors and other visual artefacts

This problem can occur if the headset is not correctly positioned on your head, or if the lens distance has not been adjusted to correctly match your eyes. Follow the instructions below: 

Positioning the headset optimally 

Seeing content in the highest visual quality requires that the headset is precisely positioned over your eyes. Optimal positioning is different for every individual as it depends on the shape of your head and eyes. Eyeglasses can also affect optimal positioning.  

If the headset is not positioned well, straight lines in the virtual environment may appear curved as they travel from the edges towards the center of the display. You may also notice chromatic aberration which typically appears as blue or red halo colors on the edges of light-colored objects.  

See instructions for getting the perfect image quality, and Varjo Lab blog post for more tips on optimal wearing of the headset.

Adjusting interpupillary distance (IPD) 

Incorrect horizontal alignment with the headset lenses can also cause visual artefacts. Varjo headsets can automatically move the lenses left or right to match the distance between the wearer’s eyes. We recommend that you keep this setting enabled for optimal comfort while using the headset. In exceptional circumstances, for example when wearing varifocal lenses, the automatic adjustment may not arrive at the optimal position. If so, you can set the interpupillary distance manually in Varjo Base.

Pixel artefacts and defects in displays

In case you are experiencing issues with display or image quality after ensuring the headset is positioned correctly and IPD is set correctly, please contact Varjo Support for assistance. You should provide detailed description of the faced issue alongside details of your headset model and serial number. 


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