My headset image constantly jitters even when I don’t move head

This issue can occur when headset tracking is not working correctly. Depending on the tracking method you use, follow the instructions below: 


SteamVR™ Tracking  

Tracking quality issues may occur if the base stations are not within a direct line of sight with the headset.  

Note that more than one base station is required for a good quality tracking: two base stations 2.0 or 1.0 are sufficient for sitting and stationary use, and four base stations 2.0 are recommended if you plan to move around the room. 

Make sure that the base stations are pointing towards the headset in all positions, also when you move around in the room. The minimum recommended distance between the base stations and the headset is 1.5 meters (5 ft). Reflective surfaces may also interfere with tracking. If possible, cover all reflective surfaces in the base stations’ field of view. 

You can confirm the tracking status of your base stations in the status area in Varjo Base. The base stations should appear in the status area with a solid white icon when they are tracking correctly. 

See detailed instructions for setting up SteamVR™ Tracking.


Varjo inside-out tracking (Beta) (XR-3) 

Varjo inside-out tracking (Beta) uses the front-facing cameras on the Varjo XR-3 headset to continuously scan the room and keep track of your position.  

Make sure that your room has good, even lighting when you use the headset. Lighting is particularly important to get the optimal performance. 

For best results with Varjo inside-out tracking (Beta), it helps to have clearly detectable and stationary features in your environment for the headset cameras to follow. You can also use a Varjo reference marker to improve tracking accuracy. 

See detailed instructions for setting up Varjo inside-out tracking (Beta).  


What should I do if tracking works as expected? 

In case you are experiencing this issue after ensuring the tracking to work as expected, please contact Varjo Support for assistance. Providing a screenshot or a video clip of your issue can help us solve your request more efficiently. To record a video clip or take a screenshot of your headset, use the tools in Varjo Base Headset view. 


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