My application appears in lower resolution than expected.

If your application supports both Varjo Native and OpenVR or OpenXR, it may be running in OpenVR or OpenXR mode. Varjo Base will show either (OpenVR) or (OpenXR) in the title bar of the headset view to indicate this.

Applications running in OpenVR or OpenXR mode will not use the full capabilities of the Bionic Display™ in your headset, and your application may therefore appear in lower resolution.

To make sure than your application is run in Varjo Native mode, navigate to the System tab in Varjo Base and disable OpenVR and OpenXR. Then restart the application. Note that you may need to enable OpenVR and OpenXR again for other applications.


XR-3 and VR-3

When upgrading from an older headset model, your existing applications may automatically start in lower resolution until they are updated for XR-3 and VR-3. Until then, these applications will not use the full resolution of your headset.


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