Are you discontinuing Varjo Aero or are you just out of stock?


We are permanently sold out in the Varjo webstore, and production has been discontinued for this two-and-a-half-year-old device. We are now focusing our manufacturing efforts on the XR-4 Series headsets, our latest professional-grade virtual and mixed reality devices announced in November 2023. Note that the XR-4 will become available for prosumers later this year, and we have opened a waitlist here.  

We will continue to support our Aero customers with software updates and bug fixes until the end of 2025. After 2025, there will be no more Aero-specific updates in our software, but customers may still use the device with older versions of Varjo Base. 

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our Aero customers for pushing the boundaries of virtual reality together with us. Your feedback has shaped not only Varjo Aero, but also the future direction of all our VR/XR devices. We are as committed as ever to innovate and raise immersive experiences to new heights with our latest XR-4 Series. 


Your website says out of stock. Is Varjo Aero no longer available?  

Varjo Aero headsets are now permanently sold out from the Varjo webstore, but you can still find and purchase the headset from our select resellers


Can I purchase an Aero headset later from Varjo?  

Varjo Aero headset is no longer available to purchase from Varjo directly. Some resellers still have available supplies for new purchases. 


Where can I still purchase an Aero headset?  

Varjo Aero units are still available for purchase via select Varjo resellers. Customers interested in purchasing the Aero are advised to contact their local reseller for further availability information. See our comprehensive list of Varjo resellers.  


I recently purchased an Aero, what will happen to my order?  

Your confirmed order will be delivered according to the purchase you made earlier. Once your order is ready to ship, you will receive shipment confirmation with a tracking code.  


I own an Aero. Does this mean I no longer get support for it?  

Varjo is committed to continue supporting older-generation models with software updates for two years after the end of the product lifecycle, so we will continue supporting Varjo Aero until the end of 2025. After this time, the headset will remain usable, but it will no longer receive the latest Varjo Base updates. Varjo customer support services will remain available to Varjo Aero users.


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