How to optimize the network for Reality Cloud Streaming

What are the requirements and how should I setup my network to have the best possible streaming performance?

  • Min. WiFi 5 connection (IEEE 802.11ac)
  • Min. Download speed: 30 Mbps for Varjo Aero, 50 Mbps for Varjo XR-3
  • Max. Latency: 50ms to your AWS region, ideal < 20ms
  • Avoid using WiFi repeaters or powerline LAN
  • Ensure the router is in line of sight with the headset
  • Prioritize the headset within your local network if possible
  • Use WiFi routers on the same floor for optimal signal spread
  • Contact your company's IT department for assistance with bottlenecks in larger enterprise networks during peak times. Contact Varjo support for assistance.